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Sorption properties of the selected food products with special nutritional purposes for infants

Key words:
hygroscopic properties, food powder, water content, activity water, GAB model.

The sorption properties of the investigated food products with special nutritional purposes
for infants were examined by analyzing the courses of water vapour sorption isotherms
determined at 25±1°C. The empirical data was transformed with the GAB model and with the
Monte Carlo algorithm. The parameters of the GAB model, sorption specific surface, total
capillary capacity and capillary radii filled after the initiation of capillary condensation were determined and it was found that the sorption properties of modified milk powders were
diversified and depended on the microstructure of the particle surface. The surface
microstructure is a resultant of the chemical composition and physical status of these particles.

dr hab. inż. Aneta OCIECZEK, prof. nadzw. AMG
Gdynia Maritime University
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Department of Hotel and Tourism Management
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