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Perception of apparel quality in the aspect of young women’ buying behaviors. Part 1





Key words:

quality, apparel, apparel brand, consumer, quality differentiators

In this paper an attempt to answer what is the role of apparel quality in the processes of making apparel purchase decisions, as well as what factors affect the perception of product quality by young women. This part of the article is focused on the perception of apparel quali-ty through the prism of product features and brand mark. The second part deals with an analy-sis of factors indirectly related to a product itself, but rather to the method of product presenta-tion in the context of a trademark building strategy and gaining consumer loyalty by apparel networks.
The research demonstrated that product quality is the most important criterion for product assessment by young consumers (women). The consumers expect good quality products, i.e. products made from good materials and of durable usability. Buying decisions made by them are however neither highly linked to advertising campaigns performed by apparel companies nor result from the desire to follow current fashion trends. The significance of apparel product quality for young women (15–25) is close to the opinion expressed by consumers in the group 26+, also within this latter group a slightly higher rank of this factor is noticeable. The product brand plays a secondary role in the perception of apparel product quality by young women, but this does not apply to the whole group of respondents. The employed cluster analysis indi-cated a group of purchasers for whom the brand is an important qualitative differentiator.

Cracow University of Economics
Faculty of Commodity Science
Department of Industrial Products
Rakowicka 27, 31-510 Cracow, Poland
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