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  1. Preface
  2. Barriers, constraints and benefits derived from food safety management system implementation: a literature review
  3. The correlation between official controls on the market and alert notifications notified in the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
  4. Challenges in environmental effectiveness of electrical appliances: consumer perception of environmentally- friendly products and appliance testing for energy label accuracy
  5. Waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) – scraps or valuable source of precious metals
  6. Degradation of polylactide in household composter
  7. Direct measurement of antiradical capacity of oilseed cakes by DPPH assay using the quencher approach
  8. Determining the suitability of TTI indicator in the supply chain of pork
  9. Investigation of transmission oxygen rate of hybrid materials using optical method
  10. Evaluation of the quality of honey produced by bees fed with nanoparticles
  11. Quality evaluation of grain and flour from common wheat of old genotype Warmińska Złota
  12. The effect of calcium ions level on the quality and electrical properties of raw milk
  13. The effect of sodium chloride on the rheological properties of natural waxy starches
  14. Antioxidant properties of Salvia officinalis leaves preparations
  15. Non-food products safety in statistics, consumer awareness and new regulations
  16. The perception of apparel quality in the aspect of young women’ buying behaviors. Part 2
  17. Antimicrobial activity of lining leathers fatliquored with addition of cinnamon oil
  18. Dietary supplements for skin, hair and nails. Determinants of application
  19. Assessment of the quality of facial cleansing gels with the addition of amphoteric surfactants
  20. Improving quality of fabric softeners by application of silicone derivative

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