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Challenges in environmental effectiveness of electrical appliances: consumer perception of environmentally- friendly products and appliance testing for energy label accuracy

Key words:
environmental effectiveness, energy label,
electrical appliance, appliance testing

The great challenge faced by economies today is to integrate environmental sustainability
with economic welfare by decoupling environmental degradation from economic growth.
Environmentally-friendly products were defined as having less negative impact on the
environment during production, use and disposal compared to other products. Author in the
paper deals with consumer perception of environmentally-friendly products based on Flash
Eurobarometer 367 and unhide consumer activities with major impact to environment which
are strongly linked to electrical appliances, their low energy consumption and minimizing
waste from electrical and electronic appliances. Consumers need to be able to purchase
products, confident in the knowledge that the information on the energy label is accurate.
Manufacturers need to be confident that they are operating in a market where all competitors
play by the rules on a level playing field. We analyze results of Appliance Testing for Energy
Label Accuracy project ATLETE which was designed to increase European-wide
implementation and control of energy labelling and eco-design implementing measures for
appliances and enhance market surveillance by systematic, effective and cost-efficient testing.
The modularity of the proposed methodological approach makes adaptation to other
appliances and products feasible with adaptations. The most critical issues are the sampling
criteria, the market structure has to be carefully analyzed, and the laboratories selection. Based
on the major outcomes of the project measures for the compliance monitoring and commercial
fairness are proposed.

University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia
Faculty of Commerce
Department of Commodity Science and Product Quality

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