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Dietary supplements for skin, hair and nails. Determinants of application

Key words:
dietary supplements for skin, hair and nails,
consumer research.

The aim of this study was to analyse aspects of consumer awareness and preference in the
subject of hair, skin and nail supplements. As dietary supplements have been classified as
foods, they can be purchased by consumers not only in pharmacies and drug stores, but also in
any grocery store, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the development of
this market segment. Preparations of this type classified as dietary supplements do not have to
undergo costly clinical trials to test their effects, as a result of which manufacturers are willing
to produce and promote them, hoping for substantial profits.
The study of factors determining the use of selected dietary supplements was conducted
using the author’s questionnaire. The survey involved 100 subjects, including 75 women and
25 men, in two age groups. The division of respondents into those under 25 and those over 35
years of age is a conventional division into young and mature subjects. The study shows that
consumers often turn to dietary supplements without consulting their doctors. For them it is an
easy and relatively inexpensive way to achieve the desired appearance. Consumers do not
realize that supplements may only supplement a general diet and under no circumstances
should be considered a source of all essential vitamins. Purchasers often use several
preparations simultaneously without the awareness of adverse effects. It is extremely
important that the amounts do not exceed doses considered to be safe according to the current
state of knowledge.
It should be emphasized that dietary supplementation is most effective in the case of
deficiencies, but it is much less so when proper nutrition is followed. It is disturbing that a
significant part of the population that use supplements are young people who, encouraged by
advertising, try to make up for deficiencies of important vitamins and minerals in a simple but
not necessarily effective way.

dr inż. Katarzyna MICHOCKA,
dr hab. inż. Katarzyna WYBIERALSKA,
prof. nadzw. UEP
Poznan University of Economics and Business
Faculty of Commodity Science
Department of Technology and Instrumental Analysis
al. Niepodległości 10, 61-875 Poznań, Poland
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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