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The role of the environmental management and environmental product solutions in building relationships with suppliers




Key words: 

environmental management, product innovation, eco-design, supply chain.

 The aim of this article is to define the role of environmental management in the processes of research and development conducted with suppliers. The publication describes the emerging trends related to the requirements of international companies (especially Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs) on reducing suppliers’ negative impact of new products on the environment. Increasingly, these requirements are taken into account during the initial assessment and periodic suppliers. The expectations that international companies have of suppliers include an ever wider range of implementations of the concept of environmental management contained in the ISO 14000 series of International Standards. These expectations include: the implementation of an environmental management system (in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 14001), the implementation of LCA (ISO series 14040), and the use of environmental labels and environmental statements (as required by series 14040). OEM companies are not limited to placing stringent requirements on suppliers. Many multinationals offer their suppliers special programs to support the implementation of environmental management.


Uniwersytet Łódzki, Wydział Zarządzania, Katedra Logistyki




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