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Paper radiolysis




Key words: 

radiolysis, paper, packaging materials, radiation sterilization, food.


The addition of lignin to the cellulose paper improves resistance to ionizing radiation. This is possible thanks to the protective action of the aromatic compounds in the radiolysis of organic compounds. In the work described (in the entire concentration range), the protective effect of lignin sulfonate to cellulose radiolysis. Determined the efficiency of radiation emitted hydrogen and postradiation oxygen absorbed. With the use of DRS was tested effect of addition of lignin to cellulose oxidation. It is worth noticing that gas chromatography in the proposed system can be a convenient tool for assessing oxidation of polymers also in classical chemistry.

dr inż. Wojciech GŁUSZEWSKI 

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology  in Warsaw

Center of Radiation Chemistry and Technology

ul. Dorodna 16, 03-195 Warszawa,

Poland tel: (+48) 22-8112347  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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