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Application of integrated methods of Servqual and Kano to study the expectations of students to regarding the quality of educational services






Key words:  

the quality of educational services, expectations of stakeholders of the university, integration of methods of Kano and Servqual.


The increase of competitiveness in the market of educational services causes the increase of activity in the area of improving the quality of both public universities and private. Recognizing the University stakeholders' expectations is an important factor in improving the quality of educational services, thus building a qualitative competitive advantage. The aim of the pilot studies was to identify the expectations of students of the first degree regarding the
quality of services of academic training provided by the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Quality Science at Maritime Academy in Gdynia. The study was conducted using  a questionnaire, which was built on the basis of an integrated method of Kano and Servqual.  The study involved 12% of the student population at aforementioned field of study. Analysis of the results is based on the method of Kano. The results of the study indicate that the most sensitive feature of the service, both in terms of satisfaction and dissatisfaction is the adequacyof education services to the needs of the labour market. Thus, the usefulness of learning outcomes in their future careers is a determining feature for students in the perception of that particular quality. It also shows that students are aware of their expectations also in the long-term dimension.

M.Sc. Wioletta SUSZEK

Gdynia Maritime University  Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Quality Science 

Department of Economics Services

ul. Morska 81-85, 81-225 Gdynia,

Poland e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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