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The multidimensionality of the concept of food safety – the legal aspects





Key words:

safety, food, standard of food safety, product.


The concept of food security is used on many levels and in the various areas of life, including, for example:  legal, medical, economic or related to food technology. Depending on the area of use of this concept are exhibited in other aspects. There is no doubt, however, that the standard of food safety is the minimum standard for each product placed on the market. The practice of trading food and its associated processes are the starting point for the creation of legislation, and consumer safety is a value which the necessity of special protection in the legal system has become a primary objective with respect to trade in goods. Food safety is regulated by the provisions in legislation at international, EU and national level.  This study is an attempt to analyze the concept of food security in the context of legislation and selected the doctrine in terms of its defining and interpreting.


University of Technology and Humanities in Radom Faculty of Economics and Law Department of Law





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