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Evaluation of the quality of self-manufactured avocado based sorbet




Key words: 

ice cream, sorbet, avocado, mango.


The purpose of the work was to produce (on a laboratory scale) sorbets based on avocado and to assess their quality. Four sorbets produced differed in the addition of stabilizers. In all variants, mango was used as a flavoring and colour enhancer. All four sorbets contained the same avocado and mango content. The additive of guar gum and locust bean gum was used in various variants and the obtained products were compared to sorbet without the addition of stabilizers. The following determinations were carried out: organoleptic assessment, colour assessment, general and potential acidity, melting ability, overrun, total phenolic content and DPPH. In addition, the density of the prepared mixtures was determined by freezing. The assessing team awarded sorbet No. 2 (with 1% additive of guar gum) the highest scores. This variant of avocado sorbet was also characterized by the lowest melting and low overrun. However, this did not adversely affect the organoleptic evaluation.  Sorbets are type of ice cream characterized by a fairly low level of overrun, at a level below 100%, usually around 50%. That level depends on the production process, and the most important is freezing device. Although all samples were frozen in the same way, the addition of the stabilizer affected the aeration level of the sorbets. The tested products differed in terms of physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics, addition of stabilizers significantly influenced sorbets features. The best features characterized by sorbet "2" with the addition of 1% guar gum.
 dr inż. Agnieszka PALKA

Gdynia Maritime University Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Commodity Science Department of Commodity and Quality Science ul. Morska 81-87, 81-225 Gdynia, Poland e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone (+48) 58-558-6282




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