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Application of selected methods for evaluating the quality of powdery products as stability indicators of cosmetics in powder form on the example of dry shampoos

Key words:

quality estimation, stability, dry shampoos.

The study involved the application of selected methods routinely used for the quality
assessment of powdery products for evaluating the stability of powder cosmetics on the
example of dry shampoos. The tests were conducted with two commercially available natural
shampoos in powder form. Changes in water content and activity occurring in the studied
shampoos in response to external environment conditions were evaluated. Also, the sorptive
properties of dry shampoos were assessed, and differences in their granulometric composition
were determined. In addition, the thermal stability of the test samples was verified. Significant
differences were found in the granulometric composition of the dry shampoos selected for the
study. Moreover, it was observed that the level of water present in the cosmetics under study
was so low that it should not promote microbial proliferation in them. The tests also found that
water absorption by the samples did not trigger the crystallization of their amorphous components. Thermogravimetric analysis revealed various dynamics of changes during test
sample decomposition. The suitability of methods used for powdery product assessment for
the evaluation of dry shampoos was also proven.

Małgorzata ZIĘBA1, Aneta OCIECZEK2,
1) University of Technology and Humanities of Radom
Department of Chemistry
2) Gdynia Maritime University
Department of Commodity Science and Quality Management

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