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Selected quality parameters of shampoos including different basic surfactants




Key words: 

surfactants, quality of hair shampo


The global cosmetics market is undoubtedly a developing market. Its significant segment is made up of shampoos and hair conditioners. This segment is very diversified, which manifests itself in a large variety of products. For several years on the market, the proecological trend has been observing, consumers are increasingly eager for cosmetics containing natural ingredients. However, regardless of whether the product is based on ingredients of natural origin or synthetic expectations of consumers as to the quality and usability characteristics are the same. For this reason, the authors of this work defined the foaming and moisturizing properties of 4 selected shampoos that differ in composition. In addition, the effect of shampoos on values of transepidermal water loss was assessed. It was concluded that none of the shampoos in examined range of time has not affected the process of inhibiting transepidermal water loss.


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