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Efficiency of the palladium(II) ions removal from acidic media in the extraction- -stripping process

Key words: 

Palladium(II), platinum(IV), Cyphos IL 101 extraction, stripping.


In recent years, there is a notable increase in the interest in precious metals (PMs), especially palladium(II), rhodium(III), gold(III) and platinum(IV) because of a wide range of their industrial applications. Therefore recovery of precious metals from spent materials is very important to replenish a gap between the demand and the limited supply from natural resources. Recycling of waste materials is perfectly legitimate, not only due to the impact that the ill-managed waste may have on the environment, but also because of its profitability in view of the possibility of recovery of valuable components, including precious metals. Hydrometallurgical processing of waste materials has been the area of the most intensive research in the field of wet techniques for the last two decades. Solvent extraction in hydrometallurgical processing is a suitable method for removal of PMs from low concentrated sources, because it offers a number of advantages such as: high selectivity and metal purity. Besides, more efficient removal of metals is possible by the use of extraction-stripping processes. The aim of this work was the determine the efficiency of the palladium(II) ions removal from acidic aqueous solutions in the extraction-stripping process.


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