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Efficiency resulting from implementation of management systems in organizations





management systems, organizational efficiency, improvement, implementation 


The implementation of management systems serves to streamline processes and continuously improve the quality of products and services, with an emphasis on meeting all legislative requirements and with regard to safety, health at work and the environment. It provides new opportunities to improve the organization as a whole. Each organization has set up a management system differently, and therefore these systems can lead to different degrees of efficiency. In order to achieve efficiency in the management of processes and activities, it is necessary to ensure partial, individual stages of streamlining. Systematic and transparent guidance and management are essential for a successful organization. When implementing management systems, the organization has the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of individual processes and decide on their change or removal. As a result of management systems implementation in the organization, the processes, that have the greatest impact on the creation of a competitive advantage are identified and they become the subject of improvement and the need for additional resources. Based on the results of the survey, it can be stated, that the significant benefits of management systems can include increasing efficiency and effectiveness, eliminating risks, improving internal and external communication, to which several entities commented. Management systems and their subsequent integration generally bring long-term improvement effects in various areas of the organization. By implementing management systems or integrated management systems, organizations strengthen their positions in a competitive environment and the certificate also helps them in bidding for government contracts and foreign contracts. It is a guarantee that the supplier will be a responsible partner who will deliver quality products and services.



University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Commerce Department of Commodity Science and Product Quality


University of Economics in Bratislava,  Faculty of Commerce Department of Business Informatics




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