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Influence of storage conditions on the quality of natural, moisturizing lip balms




Key words:

cosmetics, lip balm, moisturizing, useful properties, storage


The aim of the study was to develop a recipe for moisturizing cosmetics for lip care. The prepared formulations used macerates, which were made from carrots, beetroot, green tea leaves and dried algae based on linseed oil. Macerates were the basis for the production of balms, which were subjected to the assessment of performance for the next month. Changes in skin hydration after cosmetic application, melting point and behavior at stress temperatures were analyzed (alternately the preparations were stored in a refrigerator at 7oC and in a thermostat at 30oC). Color changes that occurred in the product after the experiment were also studied.

Katarzyna MICHOCKA, Katarzyna WYBIERALSKA, Marietta GRACZYK

Poznan University of Economics and Business Institute of Quality Science Department of Technology and Instrumental Analysis 




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