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The changes in the microbiological quality and polyphenol content during black chokeberry juice fermentation





product design, quality, black chokeberry, fermentation, microbiological quality, polyphenols, quality design


Fermented non-dairy drinks are a new generation of products with health-pro­mo­ting properties, being a source of beneficial microbiota and biologically active sub­stances. These products may be an alternative to dairy counterparts for consumers with food allergies or lactose and casein intolerance.

The aim of the study was the fermentation of chokeberry juice with the addition of banana pulp and glucose by selected microorganisms: Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. During the fermentation, selected parameters were determined, including microbiological quality, taking into account the total number of mesophilic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae family bacteria and staphylococci as well as the total content of polyphenols.

The most intensive growth of starter cultures was observed in the samples of juice with the addition of glucose. The content of polyphenolic compounds varied de­pen­ding on the type of juice enriching additive.

dr hab. inż. Daniela GWIAZDOWSKA, prof. UEP

dr inż. Katarzyna MARCHWIŃSKA

dr inż. Krzysztof JUŚ

Ji Young YOU

Poznan University of Economics and Business

Institute of Quality Science

Department of Natural Science and Quality Assurance

Al. Niepodległości 10, 61-875 Poznań, Poland

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