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Environmental management through example of polysaccharide materials using in water treatment





environment management, life cycle assessment, water treatment, polysaccharide materials



Life cycle assessment belongs to the product management. The conditions under which a new product is designed, produced, sold and recycled change over time. Therefore, these stages of the product lifecycle should be managed continuously. The material, which is made, influences the environment, but mainly the water environment.

On a daily basis people use a wide variety of polymeric materials that, at the end of their life, can pollute the environment. At the same time, they can be used for its purifying as well. Traditionally, the synthetic polymers are used for water treatment. However currently, the scientists are looking for new, more effective, envi­ron­mentally friendly and economically beneficial methods of purifying the water which surrounds us. It was considered that the traditional materials used for water cleaning could be modified by polysaccharides, e.g. by cellulose, starch, chitin or chitosan. These polysaccharides are originated from natural resources and they have specific, required properties, useful for water treatment. The above-mentioned materials are increasingly used as substances in the water purification process in, e.g. desalination, filtration by membrane or as water disinfectants. These natural polymers exhibit non-toxic and compatible properties in relation to the natural environment; they are inexpensive. However, their mechanical properties are low. Thus, it is beneficial to use them as modifiers of synthetic polymers, inorganic or nanoparticle materials.

Therefore, the polysaccharide materials influence an aquatic environment quality by the water resources purification. The application of polysaccharide materials for water treatment, in accordance with the principles of sustainable environmental management, is discussed in this review article.


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