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The potential of ice cream made from goat’s milk in Polish market – preliminary research





goat milk, ice cream, lactose hydrolysis, consumer acceptance



The publication presents a short introduction to the market of goat milk products in Poland, the advantages of goat milk and the results of research on ice cream made from goat milk. The research was carried out in 2019, the milk came from Polish white improved goats, the so-called Carpathian goat, grazing area: Lubliniec. The ice cream was produced on a laboratory scale from goat's milk which was submitted to lactose hydrolysis and did not undergo lactose hydrolysis (2 products). Lactose hydrolysis was carried out using Maxilact LG5000 at 5°C according to producer’s recommendation.

The results of the organoleptic evaluation tests (including the acceptance level) and the basic characteristics of ice cream, namely their melting resistance and overrun, as well as consistency measurements with the Brookfield CT3 texture analyser are presented. Both the organoleptic evaluation and the other test results showed the high quality of the ice cream. Lactose hydrolysed milk ice cream was sweeter, less hard and more susceptible to melting. The overrun of both types of ice cream was on a similar level. The research results indicated that goat's milk ice cream can be an interesting alternative to cow's milk ice cream.


Dr inż. Agnieszka PALKA

Gdynia Maritime University

Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Quality Science

Department of Commodity Science and Quality Management

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