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Quality assessment of hair shampoos containing sugar-derived surfactants




Key words:

quality assessment, shampoos, natural cosmetics



The study attempts to evaluate selected quality characteristics of liquid hair sham­poos according to Cosmetic Organic Standards (COSMOS) containing sugar-deri­ved surfactants of sugar origin. For the purposes of this article, three formulas of stable cosmetics were developed, whose individual raw materials met the COSMOS requirements, established for cosmetic raw materials of natural origin. Individual formulas, with a constant percentage of the main components, differed in the mass ratio of sugar-derived surfactants used: Lauryl Glucoside (LG) and Coco Glucoside (CG) (1:3; 1:1; 3:1).

The following physicochemical measurements, which can be considered as characteristics of liquid shampoo quality, were evaluated: dynamic viscosity, foam stability index (FSI), ability to emulsify fatty soils and evaluation of consistency (hardness and adhesion force). The results obtained were related to the values obtained for a reference shampoo.

It was found that the mass ratios of used sugar-based surfactants significantly affect the studied quality characteristics. The application of Lauryl Glucoside (LG) and Coco Glucoside (CG) in a mass ratio of 3:1 allowed to obtain the highest values of dynamic viscosity, which correlated with the values measured for hardness and adhesion force of evaluated shampoos. In turn, the consequence of using these cosmetic raw materials in a mass ratio of 1:3 was a reason of a high ability to emulsify fatty soils, which can be translated into more effective washing abilities of shampoos. It is possible to formulate a generalisation that the change of LG and CG ratios used in the washing composition did not significantly affect FSI values, however, it is worth noting that all prepared shampoos met the requirements of the Polish Standard for measured parameter.

Prof. UTH dr hab. inż. Małgorzata ZIĘBA

Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom

Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Commodity Science

Department of Commodity Science and Quality Sciences,

26-600 Radom, Chrobrego 27, Poland

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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