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Peculiar features of radiation treatment of the packaging materials

Peculiar features of radiation treatment of the packaging materials

Key words:
packaging materials, radiation modification,
sterilization, polymers, food.
Słowa kluczowe: materiały opakowaniowe, radiacyjna modyfikac

Ionizing radiation is used on an industrial scale for the cold sterilization or decon-tamination of disposable medical equipment, transplants and tissue implants, scaffolds for tissue engineering, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, herbs, herbal spices and food. Packaging consists an integral part of the technology and alike the packed product should be resistant to radiation. Moreover, it is considered as an advantage when irradiation might induce improvement of the packaging properties. The present article draws attention to the unique characteristics of the radiation treatment of materials that decide that it is reasonable from the economical point of view to build relatively expensive radiation installations. The statistical nature of radiation phenomena and the resulting difference between the photochemical and radiation effects on materials is emphasized. Various types of the ionizing radiation sources are briefly characterized. The nature of the phenomena induced by irra- diation in polymers (alike crosslinking and degradation, including postradiation processes and protective effects of some additives) is also explained.

dr inz. Wojciech GŁUSZEWSKI
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw
Center of Radiation Chemistry and Technology
ul. Dorodna 16, 03-195 Warszawa, Poland
tel: (+48) 22-8112347
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