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Quality evaluation of smoked cooked pork loins offered for retail sales on the Cracow market




Quality evaluation of smoked cooked pork loins offered for retail sales on the Cracow market


Key words:

smoked cooked pork loin, chemical composition, TPA, colour, quality


This article presents the findings of a quality assessment of selected high quality meat products – smoked cooked pork loins manufactured by Polish producers. In the smoked products the contents of water, protein and salt have been determined and FN and Bc calculated. The texture has been measured using TPA and shear force test. The colour values L*, a*, b* have been measured. The sensory analysis has been performed by means of the flavour profile method. The findings show that the tested pork loins vary in their physicochemical and sensory parameters. All tested products comply with the requirements of the Polish standards no longer obligatory. Significant differences of tested pork loins are the result of various product yields. The water content has been 61.9–71.2%. protein content: 21.0–28.7%. and the content of salt 1.8–2.8%. The sensory analysis has shown significant differences in descriptors: smoked and meat smell, and taste: smoked, hydrolysate and sweet. Using the PCA and cluster analysis the products currently offered on the market have been classified into 4 groups: pro- ducts with dominant meat smell, products with sweet and hydrolysate taste, products with dominant smoked smell and taste, and products with distinctive meat smell and sweet and hydrolysate taste.


mgr inz. Monika KOSOWSKA
Cracow University of Agriculture
Faculty of Ford Technology
Department of Food Analysis and Quality Assessment
ul. Balicka 122, 30-149 Kraków, Poland
tel. (+48) 506-129-780
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