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Nonionic surfactants in liquid laundry detergents for automatic laundry washing machine

Key words:

nonionic surfactants, liquid laundry detergents, alcohol oxyethylates, alcohol oxypropylates.


The paper presents an analysis of the impact of selected nonionic surfactants on the properties of liquid laundry detergents for machine washing. On the basis of the recipe developed, samples containing two kinds of nonionic surfactants: lauryl alcohol oxyethylate, and C9-C11 alcohol oxyethylate and oxypropylate were prepared. The effect of content of the two surfactants used in different weight ratio on the properties of liquid laundry detergents was investigated. The results show that the increase in the oxypropylated compound content significantly effects the foaming properties of the liquids tested. This is advantageous from the viewpoint of use in automatic washing machines. At the same time, however, too high content of this compound causes a drastic decrease in viscosity and washing properties of the product. It was found that from the viewpoint of both applications the optimal composition is obtained at 4% Laureth-7 and 2% Pareth-8.

University of Technology and Humanities in Radom
Faculty of Material Science, Technology and Design
Department of Chemistry
ul. Chrobrego 27, 26-600 Radom, Poland
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